Believe in yourself. Believe in others.


Starting something can be scary. The small business owner risks much to make their dream a reality. The singer fears that nobody will want to hear them. The writer is afraid to share his words. Everyone has that small bit of doubt when they embark on a startup business or creative endeavor. It is fear of failing.

Competition has driven mankind to do great things. It has also bred self doubt and insecurity in many of us. We are afraid of what other people will think. We are afraid of what they will say. Social media has been one of the biggest contributors of fear today. We feel good when we get a like or a share. But self doubt rears its ugly head when we don’t get the reaction we want.

Everything is about community. It’s about people. Everyone wants to be liked and we all want support from others. When we bare our souls and put everything on the line, we need it most of all.

May we all stand brave in the face of fear. It’s time to start believing in ourselves. Everyone of us is unique. We all have an idea or a gift that we can share with the world.
Let us all believe in others. With positive reinforcement, anything is possible. It’s all about community. It’s about people.

Support and love one another.