of sheep and men

Of Sheep and Men

What this Millennial learned at 30

What separates man from beast? Both have a need for food and water. Both seek companionship from others and have the innate desire, and necessity, to reproduce. Man walks on two legs, most beasts walk on four. So other than the obvious physical traits, what is the defining factor that separates the two (apart from the soul)? It is free …

pull the trigger

Pull the Trigger


There is so much fear in the world today. We are so involved with our jobs, our country, our laws, our family, our debt. We fall back on social media and other forms of temporary enjoyment to fill our day. We are scared of change. And truth be told, it’s a scary thing to make a move. Our economy and …

fear and change

Fear and Change


“If you don’t like something, change it. If you can’t change it, change your attitude.” – Maya Angelou It’s a natural reaction to fear change. We like to remain in our comfort zone with what we know. We schedule our days around a routine. We like simplicity. But what happens when change is inevitable? How do we handle it? There …


Earning the Trifecta. I am Spartan!


There’s a scene in the movie “300” where King Leonidas receives a messenger from Xerxes, the Persian king who is hell bent on conquering the world. The messenger tells the king of Sparta that he is to bow to Xerxes and submit to his will, or be annihilated. Knowing that the Persian empire were a million men strong, and Sparta, …

God is an astrologer

God Is An Astrologer


Every person on this planet is unique. Just like we all have our individual fingerprints, we also have our own blueprint — a specialized makeup of the mind, body, and soul. The Creator had a plan when He made you and me. It took a special plan to make it work. God is an astrologer. God is an astrologer, but …


Self-publishing vs. Traditional


I was recently interviewed by an editor who worked for a publisher. She is now working on her MA in publishing. It’s about self-publishing vs. traditional. Questions: 1. What made you choose to go the self-publishing route over a more traditional route? I chose self-publishing because that made the most sense to me. The times of sending out query letters …

earth, future

The Future and Why It Scares Me


The future lies in uncertainty. The scariest part is that we are moving at an unprecedented pace, advancing exponentially in knowledge and technology. And my children are growing up in it. Among all the uncertainty, my desire is for them to do one thing – live life to the fullest, and live it well. Since the beginning of time, mankind …