God is an astrologer

God Is An Astrologer


Every person on this planet is unique. Just like we all have our individual fingerprints, we also have our own blueprint — a specialized makeup of the mind, body, and soul. The Creator had a plan when He made you and me. It took a special plan to make it work.

God is an astrologer.

God is an astrologer, but not in the way that modern society thinks. It isn’t about tarot cards or picking lucky numbers. You aren’t going to magically find success this day because your fortune cookie got you excited. No voodoo or magic. No horoscope. Just science. If God in his infinite wisdom created the universe, then he designed it for us in mind. The Earth, and it’s relationship to the sun, drives life on the planet. The seasons are for a reason.

When were you born? Find out what it says about you here, but take away the names and the stigma that goes with it. Just look at the Zodiac signs. I’m a Pisces through and through. My son is definitely an Aries… trust me. Think about how you feel during certain seasons. Do you feel alive in the spring? Steady and productive in the summer? A bit down at times in the winter? It’s okay if you do, it’s natural.

I believe that God designed four things that make us all unique:

* Birth time of year. This is in relationship to the sun, i.e. seasons.

* Blood type. Did you know that your blood type says more about you than you probably know? Check it out here. This informs on how the body digests certain foods and how it reacts on a chemical level to food, stress, anxiety, etc.

* Location of birth. We are born into an ecosystem that we build immunities to. Genetics are passed down and we become accustomed to our environment. This determines skin, eye, and hair color, for the most part. People who live in Russia would put more stress on their bodies if they moved to Mexico, and vice versa. Our birth location, for the most part, determines our religion, values, diet, and physical structure.

* Genetics. See above. Location and genetics often play hand-in-hand. But it goes without saying that each of our genetics has been widespread and diverse throughout time.

Life revolves around the sun. That beautiful shining star is one of the only things keeping everything on Earth alive. Had the Earth been any closer, or just a degree of its spinning axis, we would not exist. Only a master design could engineer such a perfect thing.

Astrology definition; the study of the movements and relative positions of celestial bodies interpreted as having an influence on human affairs and the natural world.

God is an astrologer.