no pain, no gain

As In Most Things, If There’s No Pain, There’s No Gain.


If there’s one thing that holds true, pain can be a righteous teacher.

No pain, no gain. It’s a popular saying. And for the most part, heard only in the gym. That’s understandable because we know that the body must endure pain in order to become stronger. But I think pain can teach us so much more.

  • Pain from loss – The loss of a loved one can be extremely painful. There are times that the grieving can be unbearable, and you question the reason behind it all. But through that loss, the memories live on. We cherish the best parts of them, and in return, learn from them long after they’re gone. Their soul lives on, reminding us to be the best version of ourselves that we can be.
  • Love brings pain – Could we truly know love without heartbreak? What good would we be to one another if each of us were perfect? There would be no challenge. No sacrifice. No reflection. Maybe the love endures the pain, making the bond stronger. Or maybe it falls apart, and causes you pain. Through that you learn. You become stronger. Better.
  • Choices and pain – Sometimes we make the wrong choices. Bad decisions bring pain to ourselves, and it can bring pain to others. But we often learn from the bad. Some of the greatest stories come from the alcoholic who put the bottle down, never to touch it again. Or the drug addict who dropped the habit, and in turn, helped thousands of people by telling their story. Stories of overcoming depression, suicidal thoughts, and worse. They have been to the bottom. Pain raised them up.
  • Fear of pain – It’s human nature to seek pleasure and avoid pain. By doing this, we become lazy, complacent, and unproductive. Pain should not be feared. It should be looked in the eye, met with respect, and then challenged. Do something every day that takes you outside of your comfort zone.
  • Pain in the brain – The brain needs stimulation. You can think of it as pain to read a book or study for school. Why avoid these things? Exercising the brain opens pathways that lead to ideas and creativity. Make it a daily habit to read. Something other than Facebook.
  • Physical pain – The body can be broken. But it can also be healed if we allow it. Instead of taking pills, other avenues are available to us if we are willing to explore. The body and mind are capable of so much more. It can heal immune systems and repair the broken body. It takes sacrifice, dedication, education, and paying the price. Even if it calls for more pain.

Pain from exercise equals physical growth.

Pain from learning leads to knowledge.

Pain from love brings understanding.


Bring the pain.