SPFBO update and progress on the latest novel.

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The Path of Man has made it into the semi-final round of the Self Published Fantasy Blog Off competition! Out of the 30 books that were assigned to The Qwillery, one of the bloggers, it has made it to the top 6. Let’s hope it goes all the way. But if it doesn’t, it’s been a fun competition to be a part of and I’ve made some great connections.

I’m happy to report that my new novel is sitting at 38,000 words at the moment. I started writing this book around the third week of October and have written almost everyday since. It’s been hard pressed to find time lately, but I’m putting in work where I can find it. The spark that lit the fire for this one is thanks to the publisher Angry Robot. They announced open manuscript submissions without an agent, query letter… even editing. They just want a manuscript by the end of the year with a minimum word count of 70,000. I write a pretty good first draft, so hopefully that will help because I’m not going to have time to rewrite/edit. I would like to share more about the project, but I’m keeping a tight lid on it. All I can say is that it’s a sci-fi thriller and written in a different style. I’ve had a blast writing it and growing my craft. If they choose not to accept it, I will self publish it next year and can’t wait to share it.

On another note, I recently ran my first marathon in Charlotte, NC. It tested me like nothing before, and I can see myself doing many more in the future.

Yeah, I’m crazy like that.

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